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Aluzinc Garage Doors
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Aluzinc  is 55% Aluminium, 43.4 % Zinc and 1.6% Silicon.

Garage doors are manufactured locally out of Aluzinc coated steel. Aluzinc garage doors are more rust resistant than galvanized steel doors and therefore also ideally suited for coastal conditions. Aluzinc steel provides up to four times the service life of galvanised steel

Aluzinc garage doors are available:

  • Single & double,
  • Tip up and sectional overhead.
  • Wood grain, horizontal, slatted and raise fielded pattern.
  • White, brown, Bronze and Charcoal.

The innovation of the unique safety features seals each joint into the next panel this protects body parts from injury and prevents damage from dust and rain.

The struts which consist of a polyurethane high modulus glue, has proven to be the best in adhering metal to metal, ensuring a 50% stronger bond.

Boxed End caps are fixed on both sides this stabilizes the panel, it will prevent flexing which allows for stronger more secure fixtures.

Properly fixed hinges ensure a smoother quieter functioning door.