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Large Project Garage Door Projects
garden lane project

GC Garage Doors has proven their commitment to service in our large project work, where reliability and timing are of the utmost importance to keep projects on schedule. Greg makes sure that with every project he is hands on with site inspections and deliveries with the developers until it is completed and handed over to client.

Some of the projects require over 50 matching Aliminium or Aluzinc doors to be installed where a uniform fit is key to a projects success.

The following pictures are from some of the large developments where GC Garage doors have installed Quality Doors.

Sellesa Development

The Sellesa development was a project where GC Garage Doors installed a mix of single and double charcoal sectional overhead doors, hereby completing a whole street of matching garage doors.

Sellesa 2

GC Garage Doors completed the installation of 26 charcoal double sectional overhead doors.

Garden Lane

GC Garage Doors worked on another Sellesa development, installing 24 charcoal double sectional overhead garage doors.

Berkley Square

GC Garage Doors is currently working in this complex, replacing 19 garage doors.

Come back soon for an update!

Clara Anna Fontein Phase 1

GC Garage Doors installed 54 charcoal double sectional overhead garage doors in Clara Anna Fontein development in Durbanville. 

Clara Anna Fontein Phase 2

GC Garage Doors installed (in progress) in excess of 50 charcoal double sectional overhead doors in the new Clara Anna Fontein (Phase 2) development in Durbanville.